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Eziraros is a Taiwanese generative artist who previously worked for over a decade as a web designer and front-end developer. He has worked in various fields, including the pet supplies industry with AI applications, the music software industry, and online bookstores. During his career, he also participated in the development of President Tsai Ing-wen’s campaign website. Since 2022, he has immersed himself in the world of generative art, predominantly unveiling his creations on the web3 platform fxhash. A master of his craft, he skillfully employs p5.js to meticulously craft generative drawings, building them up frame by frame. With a penchant for representational subjects, his body of work shines brightest through his remarkable piece, “the generative octopuses”, which has garnered recognition in the esteemed TENDER ICONS collection. After the release of “the generative octopuses,” he was invited to join Volume DAO and co-curated Taiwan’s first generative art exhibition to enter a museum, called “Generative Taipei On-Site” in 2023.Last Updated: 2024.01


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