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Yazid (b. 1987) is an artist from Brunei who built his early career as a software developer building functional, utilitarian applications. He eventually became fascinated with using code, algorithms, systems, and automation in the process of creating experimental works of artistic expression. Yazid takes delight in exploring the ways computation in art can surprise himself and others. His work comprises abstract expressions and conceptual explorations that challenge the status quo, hard edge minimalism that displays precision and simplicity, as well as digitally textured creations that create a tangible connection with the viewer. Yazid’s work has been collected by more than 3,000 individuals and has been exhibited in numerous spaces around the world including Singapore, Frankfurt (Museum Angewandte Kunst), Lugano, Hong Kong (Art Basel 2022), Valencia, London, Marfa, Miami Beach (Art Basel 2022), Taipei (Hong-Gah Museum) and New York (Christie’s).Last Updated: 2024.01


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