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About CCBT

CCBT is a hub where the public can explore their creative imaginations in society through the use of digital technology. CCBT has labs and studios where we will have workshops and programs, becoming the driving force of innovations born out of Tokyo.



CCBT is an open, learning space where children experience art and technology that cultivates more imaginative minds and lives.


CCBT encourages collaborations among many that consider the future of Tokyo and plan together a road map for future societies.


CCBT invites artists and creators as partners to explore and show novel artistic expressions.


CCBT connects with the city and its people and forms domestic and foreign networks to create a base for digital creativity.



Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture


Miyasaka Manabu(Deputy governor)

Collaboration Team

Ito Takayuki (R&D Director, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM])
Seiichi Saito (Director, Panoramatiks)
Sugiura Taichi (CEO, CINRA, Inc., / CEO, Inspire High, Inc.)
Hiroko Tasaka (Curator, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum)



Space Design: upsetters architects, NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Construction: NOMURA Co., Ltd.


Software development: HAUS
Graphic design: Isu Taeko

Motion Sound Logo

Sound: Hosoi Miyu
Animation: Miyamoto Takuma


Web design / development: HAUS
Direction / Management: Yagi Ayumi
Photography: Tada (Yukai)

Concept Video

Cast / Narration: Chaso (Sakurai Kasumi)
Direction / Camerawork / Editing: Harimoto Kazunori
Camera Assistance: Tanaka Ryosuke
Sound Recording: Arai Nozomi
Hair & Makeup: Nakagawa Rieko
Music: Tokusashi Kengo
Lighting: Kumekawa Yo, Irio Akiyoshi
Production: HAUS