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Erick Calderon

Founder and CEO / Art BlocksCity Texas
photo: Rainer Hosch

Erick Calderon is an artist, collector, and entrepreneur based in Houston, TX. After dabbling with a snow cone business in college he went on to start a company importing and specifying ceramic tile which he led for nearly 20 years. During that time, he fell deep into the digital art and blockchain technology rabbit hole which eventually led to him founding the on-chain generative art platform Art Blocks. The project was launched with a generative artwork that represents his signature as an entrepreneur and technologist called the Chromie Squiggle which has since become a recognizable artwork in the digital art space. His hobby-turned-full-time-endeavor has opened the door to explorations of demonstrating and empowering the human desire to express individuality within a larger group.Last Updated: 2023.07

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