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blockchain engineer

After a spell as a web application developer from 2015, wildmouse began working with TART on smart contract development using the blockchain Ethereum in 2020. Alongside developing NFTs to support creatives, wildmouse partners with TART’s Takase Toshiaki to make art that utilizes smart contracts and explores NFTs. They have collaborated on three crypto art projects to date, including The Ten Thousand. wildmouse is currently active as a freelance blockchain engineer.Last Updated: 2023.07


Erick Calderon

Founder and CEO / Art Blocks

Aida Daiya

Museum Educator



Jo-Lin Hsieh

Contributor of Volume DAO, Co-founder of Sandwishes Studio

Shih-Tung LO

Volume DAO member, Artist, Curator

Suganuma Kiyoshi

Social Co-Creation Director, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]

Takase Toshiaki

Founder and CEO / TART K.K.

Tanaka Kaoru

Generative Artist



Fujihata Masaki

New media artist

Matsuhashi Tomomi

Public Policy Mercari Inc.,, Arts and Law

Mizuno Tasuku

Lawyer, Attorney

You-Sheng Zhang

co-founder of Volume DAO

Takawo Shunsuke

Artist, Chairman of the Japan Generative Art Foundation

Nagashima Toshiyuki

design engineer, technical director / CEO, METAPHOR