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Mizuno Tasuku

Lawyer, Attorney

Lawyer/Attorney at Law (City Lights Law) based in Tokyo. He specializes in Tech, Urban development, Art and Design Law. He has a deep knowledge in the intersection of technology, the creative economy, open source strategies, and sharing culture. He is also a board member of Creative Commons Japan and Arts and Law, a visiting professor at Kyushu University Global Innovation Center (GIC), a Part-time lecturer at Keio University SFC. He is the author of the book “Legal Design – Accelerating Creativity and Innovation through Law” and the co-translator of “Open Design”. His work reflects his dedication to integrating creativity and legal knowledge.Last Updated: 2023.07


Erick Calderon

Founder and CEO / Art Blocks

Aida Daiya

Museum Educator



Jo-Lin Hsieh

Contributor of Volume DAO, Co-founder of Sandwishes Studio

Shih-Tung LO

Volume DAO member, Artist, Curator

Suganuma Kiyoshi

Social Co-Creation Director, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]

Takase Toshiaki

Founder and CEO / TART K.K.

Tanaka Kaoru

Generative Artist



Fujihata Masaki

New media artist

Matsuhashi Tomomi

Public Policy Mercari Inc.,, Arts and Law

You-Sheng Zhang

co-founder of Volume DAO


blockchain engineer

Takawo Shunsuke

Artist, Chairman of the Japan Generative Art Foundation

Nagashima Toshiyuki

design engineer, technical director / CEO, METAPHOR