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Fuse Rintaro

Photo: Takehisa Naoki

Born in 1994. He produces “new loneliness” that can be possible in cities since the release of the iPhone through painting and video works, website production, writing criticism and poetry, exhibition planning, etc. The main solo exhibition is “New Corpse = Dead Corpus” (2022, PARCO Museum Tokyo). Major exhibition projects include “Planet Samasa” (2022, Former site of Odaka Binding Factory, Tokyo), “Quarantine Close Contact Chamber” (2020, web page). In addition, he presented his works at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, NTT InterCommunication Center, and art festivals in various places. In November this year (2023), a collection of poems Catalogue of Tears will be published by PARCO Publishing.Last Updated: 2024.07


Mindy Seu

Designer, Technologist

Melanie Hoff

Artist, Organizer, Educator


Shikata Yukiko

Curator, Critic


Takahashi Sakino


Mizushina Mami

Independent curator, Art coordinator