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Shikata Yukiko

Curator, CriticCity

Artistic Director of “Forest for Dialogue and Creativity”. President of AICA (Association of International Art Critics) Japan. Visiting professor at Tama Art University and Tokyo Zokei University, lecturer at Musashino Art University and Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) and the Postgraduate School of Kokugakuin University. Her activities traverse existing fields by focusing on “Information flows”. In parallel, working as a curator of Cannon ARTLAB (1990-2001), Mori Art Museum (2002-2004), senior curator of NTT InterCommunication Center[ICC] (2004-2010), as an independent curator, realized many experimental exhibitions and projects. Recents works include SIAF 2014 (Associate Curator), KENPOKU ART 2016 (Curator). Works in 2020 including the Symposium of AICA Japan (Chairperson), MMFS 2020 (Director), “Forking PiraGene” (Co-curator, C-Lab Taipei). Works in 2021 including the Forum “Information as a form of ” (Kyoto Prefecture), “EIR (Energies in Rural) ” (Co-curator, ACAC, Aomori + Liminaria, Italy, 2021-2023), Forum “Spirits as Energy|Stone, Water, Forest and Human” (General Incorporated Association Dialogue Place). Juror of many international competitions, many co-publications. Her first solo book “Ecosophic Art” came out 2023.Last Updated: 2023.10


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