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Mizushina Mami

Independent curator, Art coordinatorCity

Mizushina Mami has curated and organized exhibitions and events in Japan and abroad as well as worked at international festivals, art museums, and other cultural institutions. She studied media art and literature analysis at university in Japan and then earned an MFA in curating from Goldsmiths, University of London. She specializes in fields where societal, technological, and artistic issues intersect with the emotions and rights of the individual, including BioArt, activism, hacktivism, and queer art practices. Mizushina is currently working on an event related to Mindy Seu’s Cyberfeminism Index, and a solo exhibition in 2024 featuring an artist based in London and Berlin. She engages in various activities that connect contemporary theory, art, and artists in Japan and overseas.Last Updated: 2023.10


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