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Future Ideations Camp

“Future Ideations Camp Vol.2 | setup(): Making New Rules with Blockchains”

Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]
Date & Time
August 26(Sat) – August 30(Wed), 2023
Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]
Around 20
Application Period
July 14(Fri) – July 30(Sun), 2023

Participants wanted until July 30th! CCBT is looking for participants for five days intensive workshop reconceptualizes money, NFTs, and DAOs through practical applications of blockchain technologies which is examined not only in arts and culture but also in governance, finance, and healthcare.

Civic Creative Base Tokyo’s Future Ideations Camp is a series of intensive workshops bringing different kinds of people together to work collaboratively and creatively with art and digital technologies. Twenty selected participants take part in several days of lectures to acquire new ways of thinking, workshops for building skill sets, and collaborative group activities. During the camps, the general public are also able to attend talks and presentations of the results. Along with learning about the challenges related to each edition’s theme, participants employ creative approaches to engage with social issues and undertake collaborative group work with the aim of proposing new ideas for the future. Through a curriculum that cultivates “making with thinking” via both technology and ideas/knowledge, the program aspires to contribute to training the next generation of talent with the skills and abilities to apply art and technology in their work. At the first camp in February 2023, participants learned foundational concepts related to computer-based design techniques and algorithmic thinking, and collaborated on forwarding-looking approaches to parenting and play as well as community symbol and product development while exploring the theme of how we import things into society.

The second camp focuses on blockchain technologies, a means of synchronizing and recording information like transaction data that combines decentralized networks and encryption technology. Though the implications of blockchains for governance, finance, healthcare, and marketing are being examined, they are also attracting attention in the field of arts and culture as a technology that can permanently preserve important information about an artwork, and help protect and pass them on to subsequent generations. Blockchains form a central component of Web3, a nascent iteration of the Web in which new ecosystems and modes of creativity for art are emerging through decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
The curriculum will reference cultural shifts ushered in by the internet, not least increased accessibility to resources and collaborative creativity, and provide hands-on ways to learn about blockchains. Examining data management and distribution, governance, and trust, it will aim to conceive fresh proposals and models for future societies. CCBT already organizes various events that explore the relationship between Web3 and creativity, but this camp will reconceptualize money, NFTs, and DAOs through practical applications of blockchain technologies, and attempt to create new forms of artistic expression and services.

Lecturers / Facilitators

– Erick Calderon (Founder and CEO / Art Blocks) *Pre-lecture before the camp
– Aida Daiya (Museum Educator)
– eziraros (Artist)
– Jo-Lin Hsieh (Contributor of Volume DAO, Co-founder of Sandwishes Studio)
– Shih-Tung LO(Volume DAO member, Artist, Curator)
– Tanaka Kaoru (Generative Artist)
– Suganuma Kiyoshi (Social Co-Creation Director, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM])
– Takase Toshiaki (Founder and CEO / TART K.K.)
– 0xhaiku (Artist)
– Fujihata Masaki(New media artist)
– Matsuhashi Tomomi (Public Policy Mercari Inc.,, Arts and Law)
– Mizuno Tasuku (Lawyer, Attorney)
– You-Sheng Zhang (co-founder of Volume DAO)
– wildmouse (Blockchain engineer)

Program Director:

– Takawo Shunsuke (Artist, Chairman of the Japan Generative Art Foundation)


Dates: August 26 (Sat) – August 30 (Wed), 2023 11:00 am – 7:00 pm (subject to change)
Venue: Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]


Application Period: July 14 (Fri) – July 30 (Sun), 2023
Participant Numbers: Around 20

Participation Requirements:
Be able to participate in the whole program during the session
Be enthusiastic about co-creation / group working with people from various fields
Have minimum English fluency to co-creation
Have a proven track record of research or creative activities 
Be able to apply the content of the workshop to their own future activities

Target Participants:
– Anyone interested in new forms of creativity using blockchains, NFTs, or DAOs
– Anyone interested in the implications for Web3 on legal structures, system development, and education
– Artists and creatives engaged in creative practices and hoping to integrate blockchain technologies in their future work
– Anyone interested in ideas and mindsets related to digital transformation

Selection Criteria:
In case of too many applications, selection will be made based on the application.

Result Notification:
The result will be notified through email on August 4th, 2023. (subject to change)

Application Process: 
Please apply via the application form
Alternatively, please send an email (ccbt@rekibun.or.jp) including the following items with “Future Ideations Camp Application” in the subject line.

– Full Name
– Email Address
– Date of Birth
– City ​​of Residence
– Occupation / Affiliation
– Areas of expertise
(Art & Contemporary Art, Design, Product Design, Project Development, Engineer, Architect / Interior Design, Education, Public Administration, Finance, Others)
– Reasons and expectations of your participation in this camp (200 words or less)
– Please indicate if you need any accessibility support. (Examples: Finger braille interpretation, Tactile sign language interpretation)
– State the link, if you have a portfolio, video materials, websites, or GitHub that introduces your initiatives.

photo: Rainer Hosch

Erick Calderon

Founder and CEO / Art Blocks

Erick Calderon is an artist, collector, and entrepreneur based in Houston, TX. After dabbling with a snow cone business in college he went on to start a company importing and specifying ceramic tile which he led for nearly 20 years. During that time, he fell deep into the digital art and blockchain technology rabbit hole which eventually led to him founding the on-chain generative art platform Art Blocks. The project was launched with a generative artwork that represents his signature as an entrepreneur and technologist called the Chromie Squiggle which has since become a recognizable artwork in the digital art space. His hobby-turned-full-time-endeavor has opened the door to explorations of demonstrating and empowering the human desire to express individuality within a larger group.

Aida Daiya

Museum Educator

Aida Daiya was born in Tokyo in 1976. He completed his studies at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS), and worked at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM), an art institution with a focus on media art, from 2003 to 2014, where he was responsible for education and outreach, namely the planning and operation of film screenings, community participation programs, media workshops, and outdoor installations. His work at the YCAM earned him the Kids Design Award Grand Prize, Good Design Award, and Jury Selections for the Media Arts Festival Award. In 2013 Aida joined the 13-member, seven-nation curatorial team for Media/Art Kitchen, a media art exhibition—organized by the Japan Foundation to mark the 40th anniversary of ASEAN—Japan friendship and cooperation—that toured Japan and Southeast Asia. For five years, since 2014, he held the position of Project Assistant Professor, teaching workshop design for the Graduate Program for Social ICT Global Creative Leaders at theUniversity of Tokyo. In Dec. of 2019, Aida comeback to YACM as Artistic Director.



Eziraros is a Taiwanese generative artist who previously worked for over a decade as a web designer and front-end developer. He has worked in various fields, including the pet supplies industry with AI applications, the music software industry, and online bookstores. During his career, he also participated in the development of President Tsai Ing-wen’s campaign website. Since 2022, he has immersed himself in the world of generative art, predominantly unveiling his creations on the web3 platform fxhash. A master of his craft, he skillfully employs p5.js to meticulously craft generative drawings, building them up frame by frame. With a penchant for representational subjects, his body of work shines brightest through his remarkable piece, “the generative octopuses”, which has garnered recognition in the esteemed TENDER ICONS collection. After the release of “the generative octopuses,” he was invited to join Volume DAO and co-curated Taiwan’s first generative art exhibition to enter a museum, called “Generative Taipei On-Site” in 2023.


Jo-Lin Hsieh

Contributor of Volume DAO, Co-founder of Sandwishes Studio

Founded Sandwich Works Studio with Mang-Hang Li in 2012, utilizing the power of artistic creativity and design to collaborate from an inclusive perspective with marginalized individuals, including people with disabilities, the homeless, LGBTQ, immigrants, and more. In recent years, delving into web3 through NFT art collection, focusing on the future development of cultural accessibility. Serving as the Executive Producer for the Volume DAO 2023 exhibition “Generative Taipei On-Site,” which marks the first time that the Taiwan Museum presents an entirely NFT-based exhibition, providing inclusive services to the public for the first-ever NFT exhibition.


Shih-Tung LO

Volume DAO member, Artist, Curator

Shih-Tung LO’s practice orbits around two different gravities – of his personal artistic pursuit as well as of his interest in collective practice. As a leading member of Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC), Lo has been taking a very specific role in navigating potential interactions among cross-cultural perspectives and artistic practices, investigating the force of art that is mobilized and shaped by form, space, model and relation of collaborative process. In recent years, LO has also ventured into the world of Web3, blockchain, and NFTs, exploring new environments and unknown frontiers, attempting to connect an alternative ecosystem constructed by different societies, cultures, art, economies, and its emerging feral movements.


Suganuma Kiyoshi

Social Co-Creation Director, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]

Suganuma Kiyoshi is working on co-creation projects with research institutions, local governments, and corporations at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM], where he applies the knowledge YCAM has gained in media art creation to develop a co-creation framework that brings new value to society with a diverse range of collaborators.

Takase Toshiaki

Founder and CEO / TART K.K.

Born in 1988, Takase Toshiaki graduated from the Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering in 2010, after which he joined Shiseido. Turning freelance in 2014, he began working on web service development. He has been involved with blockchain projects since 2016. Founding TART in 2019, Takase provides technical support for artists and local governments in the form of NFTs. His major projects include Generativemasks, KUMALEON, and Nishikigoi NFT.


Tanaka Kaoru

Generative Artist

Kaoru Tanaka is a generative artist who uses TouchDesigner for art creation. She specializes in installations and wall art. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, dreams, and imagination, she expresses herself through daily experiments and creative endeavors.




After working as a software developer, he began working to test the possibilities of art on the Web3. His research themes are “art system in which anyone can participate” and “relational art in Web3”, and he also explores conceptual yet poetic expression. In 2023, he received the The Lumen Prize Crypto Award Longlist. Several works were nominated by collectors’ votes in the “Conceptual NFT” category at jpg.space (2023). Selected for the Bright Moments residency (May 2023). In 2024, the work “Receipt” is in the collection of Fingerprints DAO. Recent exhibitions include “Made in Contract” (Neort++, 2023).

Muramatsu Masahiro

Fujihata Masaki

New media artist

A pioneer of media art in Japan. In the 1980s, he created computer graphic works such as “Mandala 1983”, then transitioned to creating sculpture works like “Geometric Love”. In the 1990s, he started producing interactive art works like “Beyond Pages”. During the same period in 1996, his network-themed work “Global Interior project” won the Golden Nica award at Ars Electronica. Since 2000, he has been presenting installation works dealing with images and virtual space issues, such as “Morel’s Panorama”, “Mirror of Indiscrimination”, “Ruska’s Room”, and “Eternity of Visions”. At the same time, he began working on more public-oriented projects. In 2001, he started a fieldwork series using GPS, which developed from “Field-work@Hayama” to “Field-work@Alsace”, and then “Voices of Aliveness” in 2012. In 2018, and again in 2022, he realized a large-scale AR public art project based on history, “BeHere / 1942”, in Hong Kong and Los Angeles respectively. In recent years, he has been developing projects that deal with NFTs, such as “Brave New Commons” and “My First Digital Data”.


Matsuhashi Tomomi

Public Policy Mercari Inc.,, Arts and Law

After working in financial institutions and payment service providers, she is currently engaged in policy advocacy, rule-making, and related activities primarily in the digital field at Mercari Inc. She has contributed an essay to the book AI & Data Ethics Textbook (written by Shinnosuke FUKUOKA, Attorney at Law,Nishimura & Asahi Law Office, 2022, Kobundo) and has written for Mercari Group’s Public Policy blog, Merpoli. She also writes and contributes essays to the blockchain-themed exhibition “Proof of X – Blockchain As A New Medium For Art -“.

Mizuno Tasuku

Lawyer, Attorney

Lawyer/Attorney at Law (City Lights Law) based in Tokyo. He specializes in Tech, Urban development, Art and Design Law. He has a deep knowledge in the intersection of technology, the creative economy, open source strategies, and sharing culture. He is also a board member of Creative Commons Japan and Arts and Law, a visiting professor at Kyushu University Global Innovation Center (GIC), a Part-time lecturer at Keio University SFC. He is the author of the book “Legal Design – Accelerating Creativity and Innovation through Law” and the co-translator of “Open Design”. His work reflects his dedication to integrating creativity and legal knowledge.


You-Sheng Zhang

co-founder of Volume DAO

He is a co-founder of Volume DAO. Since 2010, Zhang has been an organizer of an experimental music label called Kandala Records. In 2012, he and Dawang Huang’s collaborative field recording works Minkoku Hyakunen won Honorary Mention of Sound Art and Digital Musics at Ars Electronica. Since 2018, Zhang has started to study the principles of blockchain and crypto currency. In the October of 2021, he and some artists and collectors co-founded Volume DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization focused on creation, collection, exhibition and education of art and NFT on blockchain. Now Volume DAO has curated two exhibitions “Do Machines Dream of NFT?” (2022) and “Generative Taipei On-Site” (2023). Zhang has a PhD degree in Political Science and keeps writing critiques about performing art and the phenomenon of Web3. His articles can be found at websites like ARTouch, ARTalks and No Man’s Land.



blockchain engineer

After a spell as a web application developer from 2015, wildmouse began working with TART on smart contract development using the blockchain Ethereum in 2020. Alongside developing NFTs to support creatives, wildmouse partners with TART’s Takase Toshiaki to make art that utilizes smart contracts and explores NFTs. They have collaborated on three crypto art projects to date, including The Ten Thousand. wildmouse is currently active as a freelance blockchain engineer.


Takawo Shunsuke

Artist, Chairman of the Japan Generative Art Foundation

Shunsuke Takawo was born in Kumamoto in 1981. He has advocated Daily Coding as a daily habit of writing programs like a diary since 2019. In 2021, he will present his NFT art project, “Generativemasks”. He established the Japan Genertative Art Foundation from his artist’s earnings. In parallel with presenting his works, he is currently engaged in activities to promote and educate the public about generative art, which is the art of algorithms and computation. He is an associate professor at Konan Women’s University, Creative Media Studies.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT] (Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)