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Civic Creative Base Tokyo’s Future Ideations Camp is a series of intensive workshops bringing different kinds of people together to work collaboratively and creatively with art and digital technologies. Twenty selected participants take part in several days of lectures to acquire new ways of thinking, workshops for building skill sets, and collaborative group activities. During the camps, the general public are also able to attend talks and presentations of the results. Along with learning about the challenges related to each edition’s theme, participants employ creative approaches to engage with social issues and undertake collaborative group work with the aim of proposing new ideas for the future.

“Future Ideations Camp Vol.2 | setup(): Making New Rules with Blockchains”
Dates: July 14(Fri) - July 30(Sun), 2023
Results Exhibition: August 31 (Thu) - September 3 (Sun), 2023
Organizers: Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT] (Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

setup(){ concept }

In programming, the setup() Function is called whenever you first run your program to determine the environment setup.
For “Future Ideations Camp vol.2 | setup(),” our objective was to create an environment where like-minded people gather to explore and provide solutions to social issues and re-generate new rules using blockchain, the new form of technology used in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DAOs.

Among many other tools, the smart contract is one that stands out due to its inherent autonomy and transparency, but it is also useful as a medium that allows individuals’ and communities to save and implement their aspirations and objectives in code. The discussions that filled the 5-day camp surely shed new light on the social issues we experience today, allowing a more comprehensive and thorough understanding on the problems and the means to tackle them.

In “setup(),” we tried to develop an innovative and tenable program where the participants, lecturers, and facilitators can become the connecting points in generating a new movement in the field of blockchain technology in Tokyo. I have high hopes for this Camp to stimulate the growth of new forms of practices and communities that push forward ideas from the framework of imagination to their actualization.

Takawo Shunsuke (Artist, Chairman of the Japan Generative Art Foundation)

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  • Torajiro Aida (Software developer, Artist)
  • ava (CG Generalist)
  • Yiping Wu (Community design, User experience design/Gaudiy Inc.)
  • umeda masato
  • Toshiyuki Okubo (Space designer)
  • KUMIKO OGI (Artist)
  • Kentaro Kajino (Artist)
  • Akira Kumagai (Director/GREENING co.,ltd.)
  • Kusuke SAKAMURA (Generative Artist, Tokyo Metropolitan University Student)
  • Samuel YAN (Creative Coder)
  • sawako (Sound artist)
  • Yusuke Shono (Editor, Designer)
  • Suzuki Yushin (Technical Director)
  • Ryuta Takahashi (ALU)
  • Tajima Takumi (Design Engineer)
  • Takumi Tanaka (Designer, Founder)
  • TAMAFREEDOM (Web3 Producer)
  • teshnakamura (Generative Artist)
  • Keiichiro TERAE (Artist)
  • TOMA Tomoaki (Engineer)
  • Habu Kazuhito (Art coordinator, IP advisor)
  • Tatsuya Mori (The University of Tokyo Graduate Student)
  • Yuiko Ráyka (Contemporary artist)

Lecturers / Facilitators:

Erick Calderon

Erick Calderon (Founder and CEO / Art Blocks)

Aida Daiya

Aida Daiya (Museum Educator)


eziraros (Artist)

Jo-Lin Hsieh

Jo-Lin Hsieh (Contributor of Volume DAO, Co-founder of Sandwishes Studio)

Shih-Tung LO

Shih-Tung LO (Volume DAO member, Artist, Curator)

Suganuma Kiyoshi

Suganuma Kiyoshi (Social Co-Creation Director, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM])

Takase Toshiaki

Takase Toshiaki (Founder and CEO / TART K.K.)

Tanaka Kaoru

Tanaka Kaoru (Generative Artist)

Nagashima Toshiyuki

Nagashima Toshiyuki (Design engineer, Technical director / CEO, METAPHOR)


0xhaiku (Artist)

Fujihata Masaki

Fujihata Masaki (New media artist)

Matsuhashi Tomomi

Matsuhashi Tomomi (Public Policy Mercari Inc.,, Arts and Law)

Mizuno Tasuku

Mizuno Tasuku (Lawyer, Attorney)

You-Sheng Zhang

You-Sheng Zhang (co-founder of Volume DAO)


wildmouse (Blockchain engineer)

Program Director:

Takawo Shunsuke

Takawo Shunsuke (Artist, Chairman of the Japan Generative Art Foundation)


Program Direction
Ito Takayuki (CCBT)
Program Management
Shimada Mei (CCBT), Hirota Fumi (CCBT), Kobayashi Reina (CCBT)
Technical staff
Iwata Takuro (arsaffix), Miura Daiki (arsaffix), Tabei Katsuhiko (CCBT), Otsuto Masashi (CCBT), Ito Yuya (arsaffix)
Live Streaming
Okamoto Akio (Ney-Anton G.K.)
Kira Honoka (TASKO Inc.), Yahagi Sora (TASKO Inc.), Taichi Naoki (TASKO Inc.), Kato Naho (TASKO Inc.), Mukai Hiro (TASKO Inc.), Tanaka Arisa (TASKO Inc.)
Participants assistance
Tsuma Keigo
Everything English
Sano Meiko
Harimoto Kazunori, Muramatsu Masahiro