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Miura Daiki


While studying at the National Institute of Technology, Ichinoseki College, Miura Daiki came across the Iwate Superhuman Sports Project, leading him to realize the inherent appeals of sports creation and the process of making something with others. He has since served as a facilitator for the project. At Future Tokyo Sports Day, Miura was impressed by the engineers who could instantly implement the requests of the developlayers, and founded omororg, which aspires to create collaboratively while also making prototypes of the projects where it hopes to attract partners. He engages in developlay on a daily basis with the aim through omororg of combining the omoroi (interesting) and an organization/organism. His seniors live in Yamaguchi.Last Updated: 2023.04


Inukai Hiroshi

e-Sports Producer, Game Director, Sports-play Expert

Asami Kazuhiko


God Scorpion

Media artist


Art amplifier, Curator

contact Gonzo

performance group

Tomo Kihara

media artist, game designer


Designer, Artist

Maywa Denki

Art unit

Mizuno Midori

Physical therapist; Director, Circle of Life

Kanmuri Nanana

Art mediator