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The media artist God Scorpion’s work explores metaphysics, the philosophy of religion, and technology, and themes of changing temporal and spatial frames. His interdisciplinary and multimedia work utilizes extended reality technology and unfolds in various spaces, from the city to outdoors, indoors, and the body. God Scorpion is a founding member and senior art director at Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd., which provides the extended reality platform STYLY.Last Updated: 2024.04


Inukai Hiroshi

e-Sports Producer, Game Director, Sports-play Expert

Asami Kazuhiko



Art amplifier, Curator

contact Gonzo

performance group

Tomo Kihara

media artist, game designer


Designer, Artist

Maywa Denki

Art unit

Miura Daiki


Mizuno Midori

Physical therapist; Director, Circle of Life

Kanmuri Nanana

Art mediator