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God Scorpion

Media artist

A founder of Psychic VR Lab, God Scorpion’s work explores magic, extended reality technology, and cognitive frame changes. His major works for urban and lifestyle spaces include Stricker (selected for the Agency of Cultural Affairs’ Project to Support Emerging Media Arts Creators in 2014), Spatial Jockey (a VR space DJ), and Nowhere Temple Beta (2015), a virtual reality “ritual work” made in collaboration with Bangi V. Abdul (Tokyo Ritual). Other credits include ISLANDS (part of the Cobayashi Kenta and Nakazato Noriko exhibition ISLAND IS ISLANDS at TOLOT / heuristic SHINONOME, Tokyo, 2015), You & Here (part of the exhibition UTOPIA!! by artist Odajima Hitoshi and manga artist Hirano Ryo at HIGURE 17-15 ca, Tokyo, 2016), and chloma 2016-17 A/W Visual Art (VR). God Scorpion was also VR director for Shinoda Chiharu’s zoo (Kyoto Experiment, 2016) and serves as director of the VR consulting service HIKALY.Last Updated: 2023.05