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contact Gonzo

performance groupCity Osaka
Photo by Lieko Shiga

contact Gonzo stages improvised performances in various urban spaces, and creates moving image and photography works. Since participating in the Yoshihara Jiro Award Memorial Art Project in 2007, it has attracted attention in the field of contemporary art and taken part in many international exhibitions and art festivals. It currently comprises four members: NAZE, Matsumi Yakuya, Mikajiri Keigo, and Tsukahara Yuya. The group’s wide-ranging practice encompasses performances, installations, publishing magazines, selling works online, and holding the irregular Avalanche Festival performance event to test out random ideas.Last Updated: 2023.11



performance artist

Minamizawa Kouta

Professor, Keio University Graduate School of Media Design

Kai Kunze

Professor at the Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University


Inukai Hiroshi

e-Sports Producer, Game Director, Sports-play Expert

Asami Kazuhiko


God Scorpion

Media artist


Art amplifier, Curator

Tomo Kihara

media artist, game designer


Designer, Artist

Maywa Denki

Art unit

Miura Daiki


Mizuno Midori

Physical therapist; Director, Circle of Life

Kanmuri Nanana

Art mediator