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CCBT Future Undokai (Sports Day) Briefing Session

Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]
Date & Time
April 6 (Sat), 2024 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]
First-come, first-served basis
Accessibility and Support
Live-streaming Available

This session gives an overview to CCBT Future Sports Day, explaining about the workshops, hackathon, and sports day event.

Make and Play Sports Together!Create New Games and Competitions with Artists

Future Undokai (Sports Day), previously held as the opening event at Civic Creative Base Tokyo in October 2022 by Inukai Hiroshi and a team of developlayers, returns in May for CCBT Compass 2024 at SusHi Tech Square! This time, participants will make new Undokai games and competitions with CCBT artist fellows and other creatives.

Turn the artists’ prototypes and ideas for equipment into sports day competitions.
Guest artists:
God Scorpion + yoshidayamar + Asami Kazuhiko
・contact Gonzo
・Kihara Tomo
・Maywa Denki

◆Participation Method

  1. Take part as a sport creator and competitor(Capacity:100 people / Lottery system)
    (Requires participation in all three events: workshop, hackathon, sports day)
  2. Take part as a competitor at the sports day(Capacity:30 people / Lottery system)
  3. Take part as a spectator(Admission: Free)

Ages: Any (participants of elementary school age or under must be accompanied by a guardian)
Application:Apply using the web site below.

Application Period: – April 19(Fri), 2024
Applicants: Applicants will be notified by email on April 22, 2024.

Date & Time:
May 5(Sun) ,May 11(Sat) ,May 12(Sun)  
May 18(Sat) 10:00 am – 7:30 pm 
Sports Day
May 19(Sun) 10:00 am – 4:30 pm 

Venue: SusHi Tech Square 1F
Admission: Free

Future Tokyo Undokai (Sports Day) (Photo: Sato Motoi)
Future Tokyo Undokai (Sports Day) (Photo: Sato Motoi)

Inukai Hiroshi

e-Sports Producer, Game Director, Sports-play Expert

Inukai Hiroshi studied under film director Yamamoto Masashi, and launched his career initially as a film director and Tekken player. He later worked as a developer for fighting games. A pioneer of esports in Japan, he has represented his country at the World Cyber Games, Cyberathlete Professional League, and Electronic Sports World Convention. Inukai’s accolades include awards at the Japan Media Arts Festival and Ars Electronica for such projects as the spatial information science–themed “Songs of ANAGURA: Missing Researchers and Their Remaining Devices” (2011) and “Sports Time Machine” (2013). He is one of the driving forces behind the sport co-creation event Future Tokyo Sports Day. His research on games and different forms of play has led Inukai to dub activities that transcend the conventional boundaries of art and sports as “sports-play.” He is a board director of the Undokai Association.

Asami Kazuhiko


In 2018, Asami Kazuhiko was involved in launching and running NEWVIEW Project, a joint venture by Psychic VR Lab, PARCO, and Loftwork. In 2021, he joined Psychic VR Lab as a producer. His wide-ranging duties include everything from STYLY-based project design to project management. Major credits include NEWVIEW Project, ULTRA TOUR by STYLY, Shibuya Fantasy Aquarium powerd by XRscape, and MONDO GROSSO XR DJ LIVE.

God Scorpion

Media artist

The media artist God Scorpion’s work explores metaphysics, the philosophy of religion, and technology, and themes of changing temporal and spatial frames. His interdisciplinary and multimedia work utilizes extended reality technology and unfolds in various spaces, from the city to outdoors, indoors, and the body. God Scorpion is a founding member and senior art director at Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd., which provides the extended reality platform STYLY.


Art amplifier, Curator

Hailing from Toyama Prefecture and raised in the Alps, YOSHIDAYAMAR’s neighborhood fieldwork–based output encompasses launching art spaces, producing artworks, curating, directing, and consulting for exhibitions, and writing. His recent major projects include installments (mail art, unknown locations, 2020), Art Competitions and Opening Ceremony (FLESH, Tokyo, 2020), Outcast (3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, 2021), The eyes of the wind (Tbilisi, Georgia; obscura, Tokyo, 2022), and MALOU A-F (Block House, Tokyo, 2022).

Photo by Lieko Shiga

contact Gonzo

performance group

contact Gonzo stages improvised performances in various urban spaces, and creates moving image and photography works. Since participating in the Yoshihara Jiro Award Memorial Art Project in 2007, it has attracted attention in the field of contemporary art and taken part in many international exhibitions and art festivals. It currently comprises four members: NAZE, Matsumi Yakuya, Mikajiri Keigo, and Tsukahara Yuya. The group’s wide-ranging practice encompasses performances, installations, publishing magazines, selling works online, and holding the irregular Avalanche Festival performance event to test out random ideas.


Tomo Kihara

media artist, game designer

Tomo Kihara designs and codes experimental games and installations that draw out unexplored questions from people through play. After graduating from Keio University, he completed his master’s in Interaction Design at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He has since worked on projects focusing on the social impact of AI with institutions such as Waag Futurelab in Amsterdam and the Mozilla Foundation in the USA. His recent works have been nominated for the Ars Electronica STARTS PRIZE (Linz, 2021) and exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum (London, 2022).



Designer, Artist

Playfool is a design and art unit by Daniel Coppen (UK) and Maruyama Saki (JP). Both graduates from the RCA, their work explores the nature of relationships between society and technology through the medium of play. Their multidisciplinary and experimental practice comprises objects, installations, and multimedia productions, which emphasise play’s experimental, reflective and intimate qualities. Playfool’s works have been widely exhibited at institutions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the MAK in Vienna.


Maywa Denki

Art unit

The art unit produced by Novmichi Tosa. While wearing blue working clothes, which is a typical style of small businesses that supported Japan’s high economic growth, they develop and introduce various nonsense machines all over the world in forms of concert and exhibition. In 2003, it received the Semi Grand Prix Prize in the Interactive Art category at the Ars Electronica. Also they develop mass products such as a note shaped electronic musical instrument Otamatone . Otamatone has become a hit product, with cumulative sales exceeding one million units. In 2016, We held Exhibition in Mcam(Shanghai). in 2021. Currently, we are successfully holding “Maywa Denki Nonsense Machine Factory Exhibition” in Beijing (China) with all exhibits set up remotely. In 2022, we held “Maywa Denki Nonsense Factory Exhibition in Tsukuba” (Tsukuba Museum of Art, Ibaraki) . In 2023 debut 30th anniversary.


Miura Daiki


While studying at the National Institute of Technology, Ichinoseki College, Miura Daiki came across the Iwate Superhuman Sports Project, leading him to realize the inherent appeals of sports creation and the process of making something with others. He has since served as a facilitator for the project. At Future Tokyo Sports Day, Miura was impressed by the engineers who could instantly implement the requests of the developlayers, and founded omororg, which aspires to create collaboratively while also making prototypes of the projects where it hopes to attract partners. He engages in developlay on a daily basis with the aim through omororg of combining the omoroi (interesting) and an organization/organism. His seniors live in Yamaguchi.

Mizuno Midori

Physical therapist; Director, Circle of Life

Mizuno Midori studies sports science and then joined a sports club. She later worked as a trainer for an American football team while working at an osteopathic clinic. Mizuno then qualified as a physical therapist and today works at a hospital alongside her activities as head of Circle of Life, creating places for people through sport. She also serves as a member of the Physical Education for the Future Project.

Kanmuri Nanana

Art mediator

Kanmuri Nanana graduated with a degree in arts and culture production from Musashino Art University. Having studied arts management both on- and off-campus, she continued her involvement with a wide range of art projects after graduating. She sees herself as a medium for connecting incredible people and conveying informing. According to each project’s needs, she takes on roles in planning, coordination, management, publicity, and public relations. Kanmuri’s major projects and activities include stints as art program coordinator for Warehouse TERRADA, head of PR for Tokyo Festival, and program director for PROJECT ATAMI.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT] (Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

Contact: future.undokai@gmail.com