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Maywa Denki

Art unit

The art unit produced by Novmichi Tosa. While wearing blue working clothes, which is a typical style of small businesses that supported Japan’s high economic growth, they develop and introduce various nonsense machines all over the world in forms of concert and exhibition. In 2003, it received the Semi Grand Prix Prize in the Interactive Art category at the Ars Electronica. Also they develop mass products such as a note shaped electronic musical instrument Otamatone . Otamatone has become a hit product, with cumulative sales exceeding one million units. In 2016, We held Exhibition in Mcam(Shanghai). in 2021. Currently, we are successfully holding “Maywa Denki Nonsense Machine Factory Exhibition” in Beijing (China) with all exhibits set up remotely. In 2022, we held “Maywa Denki Nonsense Factory Exhibition in Tsukuba” (Tsukuba Museum of Art, Ibaraki) . In 2023 debut 30th anniversary. Last Updated: 2023.05


Inukai Hiroshi

e-Sports Producer, Game Director, Sports-play Expert

Asami Kazuhiko


God Scorpion

Media artist


Art amplifier, Curator

contact Gonzo

performance group

Tomo Kihara

media artist, game designer


Designer, Artist

Miura Daiki


Mizuno Midori

Physical therapist; Director, Circle of Life

Kanmuri Nanana

Art mediator