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Suzuki Elico (suzueri)

sound artistCity
Photo by Benedict Phillips

Suzuki Elico’s sound-based performance and installation practice explores discrepancies between physicality and interaction with tools, the legacy of telecommunications technology, and narratives arising from the subtle slippages between human memory and the history of a place. Her recent major work includes Birds don’t have Borders (Harvestworks, New York, 2023), For the Birds / Bird’s Notation (ICC, Tokyo, 2022), Jokaisen-Kitan, A Soldier (Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, 2022), and “Sound Lens Workshop” (Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, 2022). Under the name suzueri, she has released many albums of improvised music on Japanese and international record labels. Also active as an editor and designer, Suzuki has designed game characters, edited game magazines, and worked on the development of a search engine. She has taught as an adjunct lecturer at Musashino Art University since 2018 and the University of Tokyo College of Arts and Sciences since 2023. In 2022, she completed a fellowship in New York funded by the Asian Cultural Council’s Japan Grant Program, conducting research on the history of DIY instruments, circuit bending, and hacking in media and sound art.Last Updated: 2023.08