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TMPR (Iwasawa Brothers + Horikawa Junichiro + Miyama Yu + Nakata Kazue)

Tracing the Landscape That AI Beheld: An Artificial Intelligence Travelogue

TMPR (Iwasawa Brothers + Horikawa Junichiro + Miyama Yu + Nakata Kazue)

An acronym for Tokyo Motion Point Researchers, TMPR is a collaborative team comprising experience and spatial design group Iwasawa Bros., programmer and algorithmic designer Horikawa Junichiro, graphic designer Miyama Yu, and communications planner Nakata Kazue.

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Tracing the Landscape That AI Beheld: An Artificial Intelligence Travelogue


This project explores the relationship between humans and the information society, with a focus on AI. It includes developing applications, designing and holding workshops, reviewing and considering the data obtained, and producing a documentation book. As part of the project, the Moving Point Observation Station ( examines how things experienced by the human body diverge from or synchronize with predictions made by artificial intelligence based on past data and the trajectory of human activities. Utilizing a fictional story, it prompts us to update our perceptions of the technology beneath the surface of everyday life, and attempts to normalize the symbiosis of technology and humankind.


Dates: October 23 – October 26, October 29, Nobember 4 – 5, 2024
Venue: Etoile Kaito Show room 1F (7-2 Nihonbashi Bakurocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Moving Point Observation Station (

Date & Time: January 12 (Fri) – January 21 (Sun)2024
Hours: 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Venue: Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]
Admission: Free


Iwasawa Hitoshi

spatial designer / Sculptural Design Director, Iwasawa Bros.

Iwasawa Hitoshi graduated with a degree in architecture from Tama Art University. As one half of Iwasawa Bros., he is charge of sculptural design for the group. He is also a spatial designer and producer of furniture with casters. Iwasawa’s forte is designing spaces, making innovative furniture, and creating various other kinds of objects like business card cases. He loves anything that moves.

Iwasawa Takashi

Technical Director, Iwasawa Bros.

Iwasawa Takashi is one half of the experience and spatial design group Iwasawa Bros. In 2002, he founded Battanation with his brother, Hitoshi. He designs concepts and serves as director for the group’s spatial design and furniture design projects.

Horikawa Junichiro

programmer, algorithmic designer

Born in 1984 in Tokyo, Horikawa Junichiro graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture with a master’s degree in advanced architectural design. Inspired by geometry and natural ecology, he researches and creates various forms with algorithms. He regularly streams tutorials and releases videos about algorithmic design on YouTube. His major awards include The One Show’s Gold Pencil in 2019 and the Excellence Award in the Art Division at the 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival. Horikawa has taught as a part-time instructor at Tokyo University of the Arts since 2011, and also at Waseda University. He has been CTO of gluon since 2017 and a specialist academic support staff at the University of Tokyo since 2020. His major publications include Parametric Design with Grasshopper (2017, BNN) and Algorithmic Design with Houdini (2019, BNN).

Miyama Yu

graphic designer

After graduating from Yokohama National University with a degree in architecture, Miyama Yu worked for an interior design studio before going freelance. With a focus on typographic design for logos and publicity materials, he works widely in architecture, visual art, and interior design. Miyama has recently expanded the scope of his activities to include Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Nakata Kazue

communications planner / Director, Kiten Planning / Editor in Chief, Magazine House Co-Coco

Born in 1984 in Tokyo, Nakata Kazue is based in Chiba. After graduating from Musashino Art University with a degree in arts policy and management, she worked in corporate public relations and planning, before establishing Kiten Planning in 2018. She founded Magazine House Co-Coco in 2021. Nakata works widely in the fields of culture, design, and welfare with a focus on PR, documentation, and media editing.

CCBT Art Incubation Program

One of CCBT’s core programs, the Art Incubation Program provides opportunities for creative talent to undertake new projects and makes those processes accessible to the public, facilitating forms of artistic expression, exploration, and action that change our city for the better. Selected through an open call, five artist fellows will act as CCBT partners, developing their projects, making the creative process public, exhibiting the results, and holding workshops and talks.
Details: CCBT Art Incubation Program

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