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Miyama Yu

graphic designerCity

After graduating from Yokohama National University with a degree in architecture, Miyama Yu worked for an interior design studio before going freelance. With a focus on typographic design for logos and publicity materials, he works widely in architecture, visual art, and interior design. Miyama has recently expanded the scope of his activities to include Taiwan and Hong Kong.Last Updated: 2023.11


Tokyo Moving Point Researchers (Iwasawa Bros. + Horikawa Junichiro + Miyama Yu + Nakata Kazue)

Tokyo Motion Point Researchers

Iwasawa Hitoshi

spatial designer / Sculptural Design Director, Iwasawa Bros.

Iwasawa Takashi

Technical Director / Iwasawa Bros., TMPR

Horikawa Junichiro

programmer, algorithmic designer

Nakata Kazue

communications planner / Director, Kiten Planning / Editor in Chief, Magazine House Co-Coco