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Nakata Kazue

communications planner / Director, Kiten Planning / Editor in Chief, Magazine House Co-CocoCity

Born in 1984 in Tokyo, Nakata Kazue is based in Chiba. After graduating from Musashino Art University with a degree in arts policy and management, she worked in corporate public relations and planning, before establishing Kiten Planning in 2018. She founded Magazine House Co-Coco in 2021. Nakata works widely in the fields of culture, design, and welfare with a focus on PR, documentation, and media editing.Last Updated: 2023.11


Tokyo Moving Point Researchers (Iwasawa Bros. + Horikawa Junichiro + Miyama Yu + Nakata Kazue)

Tokyo Motion Point Researchers

Iwasawa Hitoshi

spatial designer / Sculptural Design Director, Iwasawa Bros.

Iwasawa Takashi

Technical Director, Iwasawa Bros.

Horikawa Junichiro

programmer, algorithmic designer

Miyama Yu

graphic designer