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Horikawa Junichiro

programmer, algorithmic designerCity

Born in 1984 in Tokyo, Horikawa Junichiro graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture with a master’s degree in advanced architectural design. Inspired by geometry and natural ecology, he researches and creates various forms with algorithms. He regularly streams tutorials and releases videos about algorithmic design on YouTube. His major awards include The One Show’s Gold Pencil in 2019 and the Excellence Award in the Art Division at the 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival. Horikawa has taught as a part-time instructor at Tokyo University of the Arts since 2011, and also at Waseda University. He has been CTO of gluon since 2017 and a specialist academic support staff at the University of Tokyo since 2020. His major publications include Parametric Design with Grasshopper (2017, BNN) and Algorithmic Design with Houdini (2019, BNN).Last Updated: 2023.11


Tokyo Moving Point Researchers (Iwasawa Bros. + Horikawa Junichiro + Miyama Yu + Nakata Kazue)

Tokyo Motion Point Researchers

Iwasawa Hitoshi

spatial designer / Sculptural Design Director, Iwasawa Bros.

Iwasawa Takashi

Technical Director / Iwasawa Bros., TMPR

Miyama Yu

graphic designer

Nakata Kazue

communications planner / Director, Kiten Planning / Editor in Chief, Magazine House Co-Coco