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Featuring Takasu Sakie, Matsushita Tohru, and Nishihiro Taishi, SIDE CORE launched in 2012. Harimoto Kazunori joins as the video director for this iteration. SIDE CORE develops projects that take place in public spaces through the lens of street culture, with the aim of uncovering new ways of seeing and being in a landscape through producing artworks and planning exhibitions.

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rode work 2022-2023 ver.Tokyo


The latest entry in SIDE CORE’s series that examines architecture and civil engineering from the perspective of the street, investigating post-disaster reconstruction, urban development, and more, was shown at an empty site next to Meguro Observation Well in Meguro, Tokyo. SIDE CORE filmed skateboarders exploring subterranean spaces, such as a giant underground retention basin, disused water treatment facility, and abandoned subway station. Connected by their skateboarding, the different spaces conjured up a vision of an imaginary underground city. An exhibition showcasing the process of creating the work was also held at CCBT.

CCBT Art Incubation Program

One of CCBT’s core programs, the Art Incubation Program provides opportunities for creative talent to undertake new projects and makes those processes accessible to the public, facilitating forms of artistic expression, exploration, and action that change our city for the better. Selected through an open call, five artist fellows will act as CCBT partners, developing their projects, making the creative process public, exhibiting the results, and holding workshops and talks.
Details: CCBT Art Incubation Program

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