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Inukai Hiroshi and Developlayers

Civic Creative Base Tokyo Opening Event: Future Tokyo Sports Day

Inukai Hiroshi and Developlayers


Inukai Hiroshi (esports producer, game director, sports-play expert)

Inukai Hiroshi studied under film director Yamamoto Masashi, and launched his career initially as a film director and Tekken player. He later worked as a developer for fighting games. A pioneer of esports in Japan, he has represented his country at the World Cyber Games, Cyberathlete Professional League, and Electronic Sports World Convention. Inukai’s accolades include awards at the Japan Media Arts Festival and Ars Electronica for such projects as the spatial information science–themed Songs of ANAGURA: Missing Researchers and Their Remaining Devices (2011) and Sports Time Machine (2013). He is one of the driving forces behind the sport co-creation event Future Tokyo Sports Day. His research on games and different forms of play has led Inukai to dub activities that transcend the conventional boundaries of art and sports as “sports-play.” He is a board director of the Undokai Association.

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Civic Creative Base Tokyo Opening Event: Future Tokyo Sports Day


Sport-art co-creation is something that the game designer and esports producer Inukai Hiroshi launched in 2014. The “developlayers” fostered by the project to date will come together to hold a special opening event called the Future Tokyo Sports Day.

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