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Asami Kazuhiko + God Scorpion + yoshidayamar


Asami Kazuhiko + God Scorpion + yoshidayamar

The project team features the media artist God Scorpion, curator yoshidayamar, and extended reality producer Asami Kazuhiko. It utilized the AR/VR creative platform, STYLY.

Year Selected



Artificial Reality Exhibition in the City


This international urban exhibition showcased cross reality (XR), an umbrella term for both augmented and virtual reality. Integrating sculptures and two-dimensional artworks with XR tech, it featured a diverse lineup of nine groups and individuals, not only visual artists but also architects, fashion designers, and musicians. It expanded the field of an exhibition out into the city itself, introducing a wide and interdisciplinary range of creative expression that encapsulated Shibuya street culture, and, through a fusion of art and technology, formed a new endeavor toward developing an artistic and cultural city that is hybrid and scalable.


Kazuhiko Asami


In 2018, Asami Kazuhiko was involved in launching and running NEWVIEW Project, a joint venture by Psychic VR Lab, PARCO, and Loftwork. In 2021, he joined Psychic VR Lab as a producer. His wide-ranging duties include everything from STYLY-based project design to project management. Major credits include NEWVIEW Project, ULTRA TOUR by STYLY, Shibuya Fantasy Aquarium powerd by XRscape, and MONDO GROSSO XR DJ LIVE.

God Scorpion

Media Artist

A founder of Psychic VR Lab, God Scorpion’s work explores magic, extended reality technology, and cognitive frame changes. His major works for urban and lifestyle spaces include Stricker (selected for the Agency of Cultural Affairs’ Project to Support Emerging Media Arts Creators in 2014), Spatial Jockey (a VR space DJ), and Nowhere Temple Beta (2015), a virtual reality “ritual work” made in collaboration with Bangi V. Abdul (Tokyo Ritual). Other credits include ISLANDS (part of the Cobayashi Kenta and Nakazato Noriko exhibition ISLAND IS ISLANDS at TOLOT / heuristic SHINONOME, Tokyo, 2015), You & Here (part of the exhibition UTOPIA!! by artist Odajima Hitoshi and manga artist Hirano Ryo at HIGURE 17-15 ca, Tokyo, 2016), and chloma 2016-17 A/W Visual Art (VR). God Scorpion was also VR director for Shinoda Chiharu’s zoo (Kyoto Experiment, 2016) and serves as director of the VR consulting service HIKALY.


Art Amplifire / Curator

Hailing from Toyama Prefecture and raised in the Alps, YOSHIDAYAMAR’s neighborhood fieldwork–based output encompasses launching art spaces, producing artworks, curating, directing, and consulting for exhibitions, and writing. His recent major projects include installments (mail art, unknown locations, 2020), Art Competitions and Opening Ceremony (FLESH, Tokyo, 2020), Outcast (3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, 2021), The eyes of the wind (Tbilisi, Georgia; obscura, Tokyo, 2022), and MALOU A-F (Block House, Tokyo, 2022).

CCBT Art Incubation Program

One of CCBT’s core programs, the Art Incubation Program provides opportunities for creative talent to undertake new projects and makes those processes accessible to the public, facilitating forms of artistic expression, exploration, and action that change our city for the better. Selected through an open call, five artist fellows will act as CCBT partners, developing their projects, making the creative process public, exhibiting the results, and holding workshops and talks.
Details: CCBT Art Incubation Program

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