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Takahashi Kosuke


dvertising agency, where he was involved in producing inclusive content and signage design for public facilities, before going independent in 2022. In his work, he invents points of contact. Takahashi’s major inventions include Braille Neue, a typeface that combines regular characters with Braille, and the haptic communication game LINKAGE. At the WIRED Audi INNOVATION AWARD, he was selected as one of twenty innovators in Japan. His awards include the Good Design Award, DIA Award, and Japan Sign Design Award.Last Updated: 2023.12


Laila Cassim

Graphic Designer, University faculty, Art Director of SHIBUYA FONT

Julia Cassim

Visiting Professor, Kyushu University and Akita College of Art and Design, Member of Advisory Board, Nara Women’s University

Ito Shin’ichiro

Associate Professor, Faculty of Information Science and Engineering, Kyoto Sangyo University

Iwasawa Hitoshi

spatial designer / Sculptural Design Director, Iwasawa Bros.

Iwasawa Takashi

Technical Director / Iwasawa Bros., TMPR