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Ito Shin’ichiro

Associate Professor, Faculty of Information Science and Engineering, Kyoto Sangyo UniversityCity

Working from an approach of “design by people,” Ito Shin’ichiro’s research and teaching centers on digital fabrication and other forms of digital creativity using 3D printers, and inclusive design, which employs participatory design means to achieve a more inclusive society. His time studying in Amsterdam inspired an interest in social inclusion. Ito has held iterations in Fukuoka and Kyoto of the international ideathon-hackathon Global Goals Jam, which aims to create solutions to the SDGs and was launched by Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in 2016, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme. He studied at the Kyushu University School of Design’s Department of Acoustic Design, followed by graduate studies in design strategy at Kyushu University’s Graduate School of Design. Ito is also a graduate of the Fab Academy, and took up his current post after a stint at the Kyushu University School of Design Dean’s Strategy Division.Last Updated: 2023.12


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