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Laila Cassim

Graphic Designer, University faculty, Art Director of SHIBUYA FONTCity
Photo by SOLIT!

Connects the creative activities in the disability welfare sector with design, developing various products and projects through collaborative design . She is active in promoting the economic independence and social participation of people with disabilities as well as raising social awareness among designers and companies. She is the art director of the symbolic ‘SHIBUYA FONT’, which has received numerous domestic and international awards, including the Good Design Award (2019), the Open Innovation Award from the Cabinet Office (2022) and the Best Design Award (2023) at the Golden Pin Design Awards in Taiwan. She is also a specially-appointed associate professor at Nara Women’s University, a specially-appointed researcher at the University of Tokyo and a part-time lecturer at the Kuwasawa Design Institute. From April 2023, she is a Specially-appointed Associate Professor at Nara Women’s University’s Engineering Department. From 2022, she was appointed a member of the jury for the Good Design Award.Last Updated: 2023.12


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