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Nagamine Reiko

General Incorporated Association mogmog engineCity

A former top salesperson at Shibuya 109, Nagamine Reiko is involved with projects that seek solutions to social welfare issues while raising a child with Ohtahara syndrome (early infantile epileptic encephalopathy), a very rare form of refractory epilepsy affecting fewer than a hundred people in Japan. She jointly launched mogmog engine, and runs Snack Toromi, a community for children with dysphagia (a condition that makes swallowing difficult) and their families. In partnership with educational research institutes, cooking experts, and others, Nagamine has developed inclusive food that is easier for people to swallow. Under the motto of “eating in your own way,” she works to create a more inclusive world through food.Last Updated: 2024.02


Hashimoto Atsuko

sensory rooms producer and researcher / Representative Director, SnoezeLab.

Ichikawa Nozomi

Founding Director, Polaris NPC; President, Mowen LLC; Director, Happy Community Connections Practices Research Institute

Akiyama Masaaki

Director, General Incorporated Association Burano

Otsuki Masami

Chief Community Officer, Polaris inc.