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Ichikawa Nozomi

Founding Director, Polaris NPC; President, Mowen LLC; Director, Happy Community Connections Practices Research InstituteCity

After graduating from junior college, Ichikawa Nozomi worked for an IT company. She left her job to raise a family, and then became involved in circular forms of child-care support, such as amigo and Setagaya Parenting Network. In 2011, she shifted her focus to reforming working styles and practices, and her business plan was selected in a competition run by the Cabinet Office to bolster community employment opportunities. This resulted in the nonprofit corporation Polaris, which she founded in 2012. In 2016, she stepped down as the head of Polaris to become founding director and shift its management to a followership model. In January 2023, Ichikawa founded Mowen LLC to promote experimental projects rooted in her more personal interests. She is currently engaged in a new project for DEATH Festival and more.Last Updated: 2023.12

Hashimoto Atsuko

sensory rooms producer and researcher / Representative Director, SnoezeLab.

Akiyama Masaaki

Director, General Incorporated Association Burano

Nagamine Reiko

General Incorporated Association mogmog engine

Otsuki Masami

Chief Community Officer, Polaris inc.