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Otsuki Masami

Chief Community Officer, Polaris inc.City

After graduating university, Otsuki Masami worked in sales for six years, before leaving her job to concentrate on raising a family. She came into contact with various ways of working among the people she met in her community, and started engaging in volunteer activities with her child. She has experience as a postpartum helper with the child care support group amigo, as the director of the nonprofit Setagaya Child Care Network, as well as working as nurseries and play centers. Otsuki co-founded Polaris in 2012 and was appointed president in 2016. She is involved with team building and running communities where people work in various ways and roles that allow them to show out their true qualities.Last Updated: 2024.02


Hashimoto Atsuko

sensory rooms producer and researcher / Representative Director, SnoezeLab.

Ichikawa Nozomi

Founding Director, Polaris NPC; President, Mowen LLC; Director, Happy Community Connections Practices Research Institute

Akiyama Masaaki

Director, General Incorporated Association Burano

Nagamine Reiko

General Incorporated Association mogmog engine