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Akiyama Masaaki

Director, General Incorporated Association BuranoCity

Akiyama Masaaki graduated with a degree in business from the University of South Alabama, and then joined Recruit (today, Recruit Marketing Partners). After he left Recruit, he was elected as a member of the city council of Koga, Ibaraki, in 2015. In 2016, his severely disabled daughter was born, prompting him to launch Burano, Japan’s only facility offering multipurpose day care services for severely disabled children and also vocational support for mothers. Akiyama strives to find ways to connect the local community with medical care options as well as families and children with severe mental and physical disabilities.Last Updated: 2024.02


Hashimoto Atsuko

sensory rooms producer and researcher / Representative Director, SnoezeLab.

Ichikawa Nozomi

Founding Director, Polaris NPC; President, Mowen LLC; Director, Happy Community Connections Practices Research Institute

Nagamine Reiko

General Incorporated Association mogmog engine

Otsuki Masami

Chief Community Officer, Polaris inc.