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Sano Kotaro

Speculative fashion designer / CDO of Synflux Co., Ltd.City

Born in 1998. Researcher in constructing new design techniques for garments through applying computational design and bio design. In recent years, working together with algorithmic design specialists to develop differential geometry and evolutionary algorithm applied design methods for creating garments fit for the body and suitable for the environment. Some past awards including, but not limited to: H&M Foundation Global Change Award Special Prize and Wired Creative Hack Award. Co-writer for Sustainable Fashion by Gakugei Shuppansha 2022.Last Updated: 2023.11



Speculative design laboratory

Kawasaki Kazuya

Speculative fashion designer / CEO of Synflux Co., Ltd.

Okamoto Hiroki

CTO of Synflux Co., Ltd.

Fujishima Yoko

Fashion researcher / CCO of Synflux Co., Ltd.