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Fujishima Yoko

Fashion researcher / CCO of Synflux Co., Ltd.City

Born in 1988. Finished Ph. D. degree at Tokyo University Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies without degree. After studying fashion design at University of Arts London (Central Saint Martins), shifted to specialized research on fashion and media, and the history of Japan’s fashion industry. Joined ZOZO Technologies Inc. in 2019. After working as a research scientist at ZOZO research lab, appointed office as Fashion Tech News editor in chief. Committee member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry’s research group “Fashion Future Lab: Thinking about Fashion in the Future ”. Member of Synflux since 2022. Associate professor at College of Social Sciences Ritsumeikan University, honorary researcher at RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project.Last Updated: 2023.11



Speculative design laboratory

Kawasaki Kazuya

Speculative fashion designer / CEO of Synflux Co., Ltd.

Sano Kotaro

Speculative fashion designer / CDO of Synflux Co., Ltd.

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CTO of Synflux Co., Ltd.