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Kawasaki Kazuya

Speculative fashion designer / CEO of Synflux Co., Ltd.City

Born in 1991. Masters at Keio University Media and Governance XDesign program. Specialized in the design research and fashion design applied research practice. Awards won namely H&M Foundation Global Change Award Special Prize, Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan Media Arts Festival Art Division Jury selection, Wired Creative Hack Award among others. Forbes Japan 30 under 30 (2019), a member of the WWD JAPAN NEXT LEADERS 2020 list. Committee member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry’s research group “Fashion Future Lab: Thinking about Fashion in the Future ”.Last Updated: 2023.11



Speculative design laboratory

Sano Kotaro

Speculative fashion designer / CDO of Synflux Co., Ltd.

Okamoto Hiroki

CTO of Synflux Co., Ltd.

Fujishima Yoko

Fashion researcher / CCO of Synflux Co., Ltd.