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Miyasaka Manabu

Vice Governor of Tokyo

MIYASAKA Manabu started his carrier at Yahoo Japan Corporation in 1997 before served as Yahoo Japan’s CEO in 2012, later to become the Chairman of the Board in 2018.
MIYASAKA’s many accomplishments include driving the digital transformation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as CIO after being named Counselor to the Governor in July 2019 and then Vice Governor of Tokyo in September 2019. He will be leading the GovTech Tokyo, which will run its projects from September 2023, as the Representative Director.
A believer in the power to accelerate progress of Tokyo to be the startup-friendliest city in the world, MIYASAKA will be directing a global event for startups as the Executive Committee Chairman in May 2024.Last Updated: 2023.06

Uchida Maholo

Director, TAKANAWA GATEWAY CITY, Center for Cultural Innovations Project, East Japan Railway Foundation for Cultural Innovations

Ichihara Etsuko

Artist / fantasy inventor

Ogawa Hideaki

Creative Director of CCBT/ Co-Director of Ars Electronica Futurelab