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Ogawa Hideaki

Creative Director of CCBT/ Co-Director of Ars Electronica FuturelabCity

Based in Linz, Austria since 2007, where he has worked with Ars Electronica, a world-renowned cultural institution for art and technology, as an artist, curator, and researcher. He is currently co-director of the Ars Electronica Futurelab, the research and development arm of the group. He is involved in a number of cross-disciplinary international projects, including innovative projects that use art as a catalyst to prototype the future, the creation of citizen-engaged communities, and the implementation of next-generation cultural and educational programs.

About Ars Electronica
Ars Electronica is a creative hub for art and advanced technology founded by the city of Linz, Austria, and has hosted the annual Ars Electronica Festival, the world’s largest media art festival, for over 40 years. It established the Ars Electronica Futurelab to research the future of art and technology in collaboration with companies, government, cultural, educational and research institutions. In addition, the group runs the Ars Electronica Center, known for promoting museums and schools of the future, as well as holding the Prix Ars Electronica, the world’s longest-running international media art competition.Last Updated: 2023.11

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