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ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! “Electromagnetic Matsuri Parade”

Tokyo International Cruise Terminal / Higashi Yashio Greenway Park
Date & Time
Sunday, March 17 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Tokyo International Cruise Terminal / Higashi Yashio Greenway Park
No registration required

Electromagnetic Matsuri Parade is an exciting new kind of festival by ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!, one of the 2023 CCBT artist fellows. It features the titular giant float that generates electricity for the Electromagnetic Festival Music Troupe playing instruments made from modified old household appliances.

The old TV roars, the fan hums, and the neon buzzes. Here’s our electromagnetic festival parade led by a generator float. Now, let’s make some noise.

Led by the artist Wada Ei, ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! sees different kinds of people collaborating to resurrect disused household appliances as new types of musical instruments that form a unique orchestra. During its time at CCBT, ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! has held open studio events and workshops to create the float, instruments, and music.

The result of these efforts is Electromagnetic Matsuri Parade, a whole new kind of festival, featuring the Generator Festival Float and original household appliance musical instruments, all based on ideas proposed by participants in the events. The Generator Festival Float has solar panels to store and generate electricity, which is then used to power the musical instruments. The parade will involve sixty musicians and performers, stretching thirty meters as they process while playing the “electromagnetic festival” music.

Experience a very contemporary, collaborative space bringing together different fields and disciplines, from music to art, engineering, science, and design.

“When household appliances have served their purpose and returned to the wild, they transform into electrified supernatural creatures and begin to sing. The heart of the festival beats in the generator float, powered by electricity generated from sunlight.Supplying electricity from the float, old appliances are resurrected as musical instruments. Parade through the electromagnetic wilderness. Now, let’s make some noise!”


Dates: Sunday, March 17 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Venue: Tokyo International Cruise Terminal / Higashi Yashio Greenway Park
Admission: Free
Registration: First-come, first-served basis

Precautions for Audiences

Please follow the instructions of members of staff to enjoy the event safely. In the case of rain, the performance will take place indoors at Tokyo International Cruise Terminal.
The performance will be filmed and photographed, which may include members of the audience. Photographs and video footage of the performance will be used by the organizers as a record of the event and for publicity purposes. In addition, they may appear on the websites and social media of ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! as well as of media organizations covering the event.


Tokyo International Cruise Terminal (Ariake 2-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
Higashi Yashio Greenway Park (3-1 Higashi-Yatsu-Shio, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)

15 minutes walk from Yurikamome Tokyo International Cruise Terminal Station

About Electromagnetic Matsuri Parade

With labs in five cities in Japan and online, and known for its participatory art projects, ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! will create and present a new performance, Electromagnetic Matsuri Parade. It will feature a newly made Generator Festival Float powered by renewable energy, and the Electromagnetic Festival Music Troupe playing instruments made from modified old household appliances, parading around Tokyo. At CCBT, ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! will hold open studios and workshops to collaborate with various other people on building new kinds of festival floats, instruments, and music. The result will be a very contemporary, collaborative space where many different fields come together, from music to art, engineering, science, and design.

CCBT Art Incubation Program

One of CCBT’s core programs, the Art Incubation Program provides opportunities for creative talent to undertake new projects and makes those processes accessible to the public, facilitating forms of artistic expression, exploration, and action that change our city for the better. Selected through an open call, five artist fellows will act as CCBT partners, developing their projects, making the creative process public, exhibiting the results, and holding workshops and talks.
Details: CCBT Art Incubation Program

Photo by Mao Yamamoto


participatory art project

Led by the artist Wada Ei, this project brings together various collaborators to resurrect disused electrical appliances as new kinds of musical instruments that gradually form an orchestra. It is currently active in five cities in Japan and via an online laboratory as a participatory art project with close to a hundred members. To date, numerous types of appliances have transformed into musical instruments, from cathode-ray tube TV sets to electric fans, extractor fans, video cameras, air conditioners, and telephones. Participants draw on their creative ingenuity to reconfigure the original function of these electrical appliances for musical purposes, which is then channeled into fantasies that conjure up “electromagnetic native music” and festivals from these obsolete forms of technology.

Photo by 海波 │ minami

Wada Ei

artist, musician

Ever since he can remember, Wada Ei has envisioned a music festival taking place at a soaring crab leg tower of cathode-ray tube TV sets. When a friend told him that no such place existed on the planet, he realized he would have to make it himself, which led him to what he does today. Wada started his music and visual art practice while still a student. He is the leader of Open Reel Ensemble, which performs music on vintage reel-to-reel tape recorders. In 2015, he launched ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!, a project that resurrects disused electrical appliances as new kinds of musical instruments and forms orchestras with them. For the project, he received the 68th Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists.

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