participatory art projectCity Tokyo, Ibaraki, Kyoto, Aichi, Akita Prefecture
Photo by Mao Yamamoto

Led by the artist Wada Ei, this project brings together various collaborators to resurrect disused electrical appliances as new kinds of musical instruments that gradually form an orchestra. It is currently active in five cities in Japan and via an online laboratory as a participatory art project with close to a hundred members. To date, numerous types of appliances have transformed into musical instruments, from cathode-ray tube TV sets to electric fans, extractor fans, video cameras, air conditioners, and telephones. Participants draw on their creative ingenuity to reconfigure the original function of these electrical appliances for musical purposes, which is then channeled into fantasies that conjure up “electromagnetic native music” and festivals from these obsolete forms of technology.Last Updated: 2023.11


Wada Ei

artist, musician