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Kusumi Kiyoshi

Art critic
illustration: Eguchi Hisashi

Born in 1963, Kusumi Kiyoshi joined the art publisher Bijutsu Shuppan after graduating from the Gakushuin University Faculty of Letters’ Department of Philosophy in 1986. He served as editor in chief of the magazine “Bijutsu Techo” before taking up a post as an associate professor in the Tokyo Metropolitan University Faculty of Systems Design from 2008. He is the author of “Art Museums of Rock” and co-author of “Monu-chara: The Monumentalized Characters of Manga and Anime” and “Japanese Art at the End of the 20th Century” . Kusumi’s writings have appeared in “Hachiya Kazuhiko: OpenSky 2.0” , “SUPER RAT” , and many other publications. He co-curated the exhibition “Krazy!” at Vancouver Art Gallery, and served as planning director for Where Heaven meets Earth (FILE 2014, São Paulo, Brazil), part of the Japan Media Arts Festival’s program of participation in overseas media arts festivals, and as supervisor for the Eguchi Hisashi exhibition “Girls” .Last Updated: 2023.05

Hachiya Kazuhiko

Media artist