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Ito Yuya

Technical director

Ito Yuya launched a theater company while still a theater student at Kindai University’s Faculty of Literature, Arts and Cultural Studies. He later studied at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, undertaking creative practice and research based on his performance activities. After graduating from IAMAS, he worked at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, and then as a technician at such venues as NTT InterCommunication Centre and Civic Creative Base Tokyo. Ito is active across various fields like media art, contemporary art, and theater/performance as an artist’s production assistant (specializing in programming and plastic arts), event operator, and stage manager. As a member of DrillBros, he also explores the relationship between moving image (film/video) and live performance.In 2023, he fouunded arsaffix Inc..Last Updated: 2023.07


Higa Satoru

Programmer, Visual artist

Tabei Katsuhiko

Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]