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Yamakawa Rick

Artist, Co-chairman of Transfield Studio / Representive of Yamakawariku Architects
photo: Rogan Yeoh

2013 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Architecture. Recent works : “Sando mairu”(2020), “Lines and Around Lines”(2022) as the tour performance for re-observing cities through the history of compromise between land and human. In addition, he is Program manager of the learning collective “RAU (Reciprocal units within Arts and Urbanism)”, Director of “Making theatre lab” that aims for thinking welfare facilities through appreciation of art, Co-founder of the party ”SNZ” that organizes counseling space. He acts for making situations that enable people to think together in several formats.Last Updated: 2023.03


Morita Takahiro

Professional skateboarder, Videographer