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Fukuhara Shiho

Artist, Researcher

Fukuhara Shiho earned a BFA from Central Saint Martins in 2001 and then a master’s in interaction design from the Royal College of Art in 2003. That same year, she joined Le Pavillon, the artist training residency program at Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Along with Georg Tremmel, she was the recipient of a Pioneer Award from the UK’s National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, and founded Biopresence in London. Since 2014, Fukuhara has focused on how the relationships between technology and crafts, physicality, aesthetics, and materiality intervene creatively in our consciousness. She is part of Project Jacquard (winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, 2016) as Google ATAP’s technology integration lead, and is involved with developing platforms for ambient computing for environments and things that surround us. Since 2020, she has been part of HUMAN AWESOME ERROR, an art collective of researchers and technologists.Last Updated: 2023.03