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Sekiguchi Aimi

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Sekiguchi Aimi has worked as a virtual reality artist creating 3D pictures in VR spaces since 2016. Her practice includes producing artworks and live painting performances in Japan and beyond. In 2019, she presented a VR painting performance at the closing ceremony of the WorldSkills Competition in Russia. In 2020, she presented a solo show, “Museum-Of-Vrpainting”, on the VRChat online platform, and which was also showcased in the Venice VR Expanded section of the Venice International Film Festival the following year. Sekiguchi has released NFT artworks since 2021, with her work Alternate dimension Gensou Kenran fetching around ¥13 million at an NFT auction and attracting much attention. She was selected for the Forbes Japan 100 list in 2021.Last Updated: 2023.10