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Osugi Yutaka

Professor, Research and Support Center on Higher Education for People with Disabilities, Tsukuba University of Technology / Sign language linguistics / Deaf studiesCity

After his encounter with sign language at the age of eighteen, Yutaka Osugi underwent a complete transformation in terms of his linguistic culture. After working as a member of a theater company, educator at a vocational school, university teacher in the United States, and administrator at an organization for the d/Deaf, he joined Tsukuba University of Technology in 2006. Alongside teaching sign language linguistics and deaf studies to d/Deaf students, Osugi conducts fieldwork on historical changes and regional differences in sign language. Through his global activities and involvement with the Japanese Federation of the Deaf, Japan National Center of Sign Language Education Japan Institute for Sign Language Studies, Japanese ASL Signers Society, Foundation Modern Puppet Center, and Comité International des Sports des Sourds, he works to gain greater social recognition for sign language and Deaf culture.Last Updated: 2023.10