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Nakagawa Yosuke

artist, engineerCity

Born in Saga Prefecture, Nakagawa Yosuke is an engineer whose work involves recording, preserving, restoring, and storing time-based media art. As an artist, his practice utilizes archiving and preservation techniques to intervene in art institutions and infrastructures. His output includes: “STAND! ALONE!!,” a solo exhibition of moving image works powered by a self-funded supply of electricity; Closed, a work that records the renovation of an art museum; Device for Storing All Past and Future Images (on a CRT TV), which shows all the images possible to display on a cathode-ray tube over an immense amount of time; and Timeless BANANA, in which banana skin was treated to last a thousand years. Nakagawa also curates exhibitions that center on selling and delivering moving image works.Last Updated: 2024.01