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Moriwaki Hiroyuki

light artist, space artist / Lecturer, Media Art Course, Department of Information Design, Tama Art UniversityCity

Moriwaki Hiroyuki’s media art practice dates back to the early days of the genre, including the interactive LED artwork rayo=graphy (1990) that responds to human shadows. His work has been featured at such exhibitions as Space Odyssey (Art Tower Mito, 2001) and mission [SPACE×ART] (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2014). He serves as director of Tanegashima Space Art Festival, continuing his exploration of “space art.” Moriwaki also collaborates frequently with artists from other fields, including fashion designers and theater performers, such as creating a costume that lights up for the singer Kobayashi Sachiko and stage design for productions by Pappa TARAHUMARA.Last Updated: 2023.08