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Kuze Shozo

Artist, Engineer
photo: Kenji Kagawa

In 1999, Kuze Shozo graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in oil painting. He first came into contact with Macs while a student and developed an interest in what computers can do creatively. He later taught himself how to develop sensors and devices that connect with desktop computers, and launched the Ask Kuze!! website. From 2005, he began working as an engineer providing support to artists and designers, and formed the art group MATHRAX with Sakamoto Mariko in 2009. Its work creates art by synthesizing natural elements like light, sound, smell, wood, and stone. Its recent exhibitions include Before Light Reveals at Toyonaka Performing Arts Center. Kuze is also an adjunct instructor at the Tama Art University Department of Information Design.Last Updated: 2023.05