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Kuremiya Yurika

Art coordinator, dramaturgeCity
Photo by Ehara Yuta

After receiving master’s degrees in art from the University of Paris 8 and literature from Waseda University, Kuremiya Yurika completed a doctoral program in literature at Waseda University without obtaining a PhD. With a focus on dance, she writes reviews and criticism for various publications at home and abroad, and is also involved with planning and producing festivals and performances, and as part of the creative team for new works. Kuremiya’s recent projects include Newcomer “H” Sokerissa!’s Festival of the Body on the Road H! (2021–), Kawaguchi Tatsuo’s Rosentanz − Critique of Pure Sexualization (2022–), and LAND FES’s TOKYO DANCE AR (2023). From April 2024, she has served as program director of Steep Slope Studio, a performing arts space in Yokohama.Last Updated: 2024.04