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Izuta Rei

interaction designer, MPLUSPLUS TechnologistCity

Izuta Rei completed a doctorate in engineering at Kobe University in March 2020. He is engaged in research related to behavior recognition technology for achieving real-world-oriented wearable interfaces, and handles publicity and design for workshops. Influenced by his mother, who was an apparel patternmaker, he took an interest in clothing from a young age. Izuta’s credits include system design for the participatory theatre project YOUPLAY Vol. 1 (2013), fashion show director for the What Is a Wearable? Festival (2016), and a member of the technical team for Kobe Collection (March 2016–March 2018). He is currently responsible for the Tagboard system. He harnesses his know-how of clothing to develop systems that at times repair themselves.Last Updated: 2023.10