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Itoh Kim

Dancer, choreographer; Artistic Director, Kim Itoh & GEROCity

In 1987, Itoh Kim studied under the butoh dancer Furukawa Anzu. In 1995, he founded Kim Itoh + the Glorious Future. His work has won him such accolades as the Bagnolet International Choreography Award in France, the 1st Asahi Performing Arts Award and Shuji Terayama Award , and Yokohama Culture Award Honorable Mention. In 2005, he broke off his artistic practice to backpack around the world for six months. Itoh’s current activities include workshops for young people aged from kindergarten age to college students, and a cafe event in which older folk dance and serve customers. In 2015, he founded a new company, Kim Itoh & GERO. Known for his versatile style that changes according to the medium of the work (theater, music, visual art, etc.), his output extends beyond conventional theaters and performance spaces to encompass also events in galleries, festivals, and even schools.Last Updated: 2024.04